How it Works

By evaluating the crop's details (type, location, soil, history, etc) and threat’s characteristics (type, appearance, progress, etc), as entered by the user through a smart questionnaire, the app suggests the most likely diagnosis.

  • Describe your cultivation

    CropDiagnosis needs the cultivation’s details such as type, location, soil and the threat’s characteristics (type, appearance, progress, etc) in order to come to conclusions.

  • Answer a few questions

    In order to help CropDiagnosis recognize the problem, the user needs to answer a smart questionnaire. Then, the app suggests the most likely diagnosis.

  • Select the best product

    The app presents a filtered list of matching products (chemicals) that can mitigate the problem.

  • Get application instructions

    With a given product selected, the application proceeds with the presentation of detailed and personalised application instructions.



Plant disorders may be caused by fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes, phytoplasmas, pests, insects, weeds and other pathogens. In order to identify and treat an occurring problem, a grower needs to single out all the symptoms and signs of the plant’s condition. Symptoms include wilt, galls, cankers, rots, necrosis, chlorosis as well as underdevelopment and overdevelopment. Signs, on the other hand, may appear as an ooze, a cottony mass, or sometimes a black or pink mass on the plant.

Achieving an accurate treatment plan is much more challenging than simply comparing these pathogens and symptoms to an agricultural handbook's entries, since:

  • Many biotic and abiotic agents can cause similar injury symptoms.
  • Different plant species have different disorders.
  • The causal agent (e.g. an insect) may no longer be present when damage is noticed.
  • Many plant diseases have no external signs that allow you to positively identify the cause.
  • Weather and unfavorable growing conditions may interact with the pathogen to increase or decrease severity of the problem.

Moreover, pest management in agriculture is a topic of high economic and environmental importance. Errors in selection and application of chemicals to treat cultivation problems lead to crop losses, soil loading and increased expenses due to needless use of pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators and additives. Overuse of such products weakens plant root systems and immune systems and reduces concentrations of essential plant nutrients in the soil such nitrogen and phosphorous. Consequently, the cultivation productivity is reduced in the long-term aspect.

CropDiagnosis is a ​mobile application that will improve pest management decisions by making crop diagnosis more accurate, selection of indicated chemical error-free and application assisted by personalised instructions. By using the application, a grower can:

  • Prevent errors that cost time and money
  • Stop being exposed to chemicals for no reason
  • Maximize farm’s productivity
  • Protect the environment

CropDiagnosis is designed to achieve high performance, usability and ease of use. It consists of:

  • An updated agricultural database loaded with open and coded data
  • A smart reasoning machine (artificial intelligence)
  • The mobile applications, available for Android and iOS operating systems

FIWARE community member

The FIWARE Acceleration Programme aims at promoting the take up of FIWARE technologies among solution integrators and application developers, with special focus on SMEs and start-ups.

The development team of CropDiagnosis has been selected by FINODEX, a FIWARE accelerator that funds and provides support services to projects from SMEs & Web Entrepreneurs building upon the FIWARE technology and reusing Open Data.

FINODEX is an opportunity for us to develop groundbreaking ICT solutions for the agrifood sector, supported by business and FIWARE experts.

George Nikolaidis / Technical Lead

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